Large Breed Puppy Pack

Large Breed Puppy

helps me grow up big and strong

A complete and balanced food for dogs.

Suitable for puppies of breeds that grow to in excess of 22kg.

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Large Breed Puppy - 2kg
Large Breed Puppy - 12kg

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Each delicious and nutritious mouthful of Symply Large Breed Puppy has been expertly formulated to meet the specific needs of your puppy. Large breed puppies can be prone to skeletal problems and this, combined with a heavier weight, puts extra pressure on the joints; this problem can be exasperated by consuming too much calcium, often found in other dog foods.

Symply Large Breed Puppy contains reduced levels of calcium and phosphorous, allowing young bones to develop at the correct rate and lowering the risk of skeletal and joint problems later in life. With the great taste of turkey your puppy will love, and thoughtfully sized kibble for smaller mouths, Symply Large Breed Puppy is the wise choice for your new best friend.

Kibble Size


  • Turkey

    Packed with quality Turkey, a healthy digestible protein source.

  • Wheat & Wheat Gluten Free

    Our hypoallergenic recipe won’t trigger any wheat or wheat gluten allergies.

  • DHA For Brain Development

    Natural omega 3 essential fatty acid, believed to assist in healthy brain and visual development.

  • Kind on Delicate Tummies

    Contains natural sources of fibre, for good digestive health.

Analytical constituents

Fat Content
Crude Fibre
Crude Ash
Omega-6 Linoleic Acid


Dried Turkey (min. 26%)
White Rice (min. 26%)
Corn Gluten
Beet Pulp
Turkey Fat
Sunflower Oil
Turkey Digest
Salmon Oil
Glucosamine 170mg/kg
MSM 170mg/kg
Chondroitin Sulphate 120mg/kg

Nutritional Additives

Vitamin A
17,361 IU
Vitamin C
161 mg
Vitamin D3
2,315 IU
Vitamin E
289 IU
1,722 mcg
Trace Elements
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate
1,080.25 mg
Calcium iodate anhydrous
3.03 mg
Cupric sulphate pentahydrate
44.44 mg
Manganous sulphate monohydrate
193.87 mg
Zinc sulphate monohydrate
200 mg
Sodium selenite
0.70 mg

Feeding guide

Each puppy is unique and the optimal feeding amount can vary significantly depending on many factors including age, activity, metabolism and environment. As a starting point we suggest you look towards the lower end of our scale and adjust accordingly.

Always ensure that fresh clean drinking water is available.

Current Puppy WeightAmount Per Day (6 - 11 weeks)Amount Per Day (12 - 16 weeks)Amount Per Day (17 - 28 weeks)Amount Per Day (29 - 52 weeks)Amount Per Day (52-72 weeks)
1Kg50 - 95g
3Kg115 - 200g95 - 170g
5Kg160 - 290g135 - 240g115 - 200g
10Kg260 - 475g215 - 390g185 - 325g150 - 265g
15Kg350 - 635g290 - 520g245 - 440g195 - 355g
20Kg 355 - 645g300 - 540g235 - 435g220 - 400g
25Kg 350 - 635g280 - 510g270 - 500g
35Kg 445 - 815g360 - 655g350 - 640g
45Kg 430 - 785g400 - 760g
55Kg 495 - 850g450 - 800g
65Kg 500 - 900g
75Kg 520 - 950g

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Made in Great Britain. Registration Number: GB193E1446