Kind On Delicate Tummies

We have to admit that clearing up after your dog is one of the more unpleasant duties of a responsible pet owner. Feeding Symply dog food can help make this experience just a little bit more pleasant!

We use high quality natural ingredients that are highly digestible so most of the food you put into the bowl will disappear into your pet and be used to grow strong, enjoy life and look healthy. As a result, you will see less coming out of the other end which is going to be a little bit easier to pick up and dispose of.

  • More of the dog food is utilised by the dog's digestive system
  • You need to feed less to achieve optimal health as our products are nutritionally denser. Each mouthful contains more crunchy goodness!

What's wrong with feeding a cheaper pet food brand?

If you feed a lower quality, less digestible food then your pet is more likely to experience digestive upsets such as diarrhoea and excessive flatulence. Due to lower digestibility levels, daily feeding amounts need to be larger so that your pet receives enough nutrition. There is only one outcome….. more to clean up and dispose of!

Benefits of feeding Symply

  • Lower stool volume
  • Better stool consistency - easier to clean up
  • Less digestive upsets such as diarrhoea
  • PLUS it actually can be cheaper

Symply Adult Turkey & Rice

Symply Adult Turkey & Rice is our best-selling recipe for dogs with sensitive stomachs and it’s easy to see why.

  • Contains natural sources of fibre and whole grains, for good digestive health.

  • Hypoallergenic ingredients selected to avoid those known to cause allergic reactions

  • Preserved naturally, no unnecessary additives

  • Fixed recipe so that each batch contains the same ingredients so you know what you are feeding your dog

"We fed Archie on another brand but he's always had what you may delicately describe as a "Runny Tummy".  I saw Symply, thought I'd give it a go - and - 24hrs later - problem solved."
Coral Nottage

"Nell my 8 month corgi is now the picture of health. Less than 2 months ago the vet and I were at our wits end. I worked my way through different types of dog food all gave her awful diarrhoea. A friend of mine recommended Symply; At one she no longer had diarrhoea and she is putting on condition. Thank you so much"
Jo Kelly and Nell

"Both my dogs, Teddie and Bunnie, would suffer from upset tummies now and then. We decided to try Symply and they have had no tummy problems since. It’s definitely worth the money and they love it!"
The Dolder Family