Looking After Your Dog

Why does my dog scratch?

Your dog’s scratching may be caused by an allergy or intolerance. There are many causes of allergies and the easiest to eliminate are those caused by ingredients in your dogs feed. Click here for some more information.

Does my dog have a food intolerance, food sensitivity or allergy?

Dogs can become sensitive or intolerant to particular ingredients or additives and these can appear as a variety of problems. Common symptoms include:

  • Hyperactivity and behavioural problems
  • Poor coat condition poor such as dullness or hair loss
  • Lethargy, lack of energy
  • Poor skin, possibly exhibited as excessive scratching, sores, dandruff
  • Digestive problems including diarrhoea (loose stools), constipation and flatulence
  • Weight problems – gain or loss

The best way to avoid food intolerances and allergies is to feed a limited ingredient diet, which decreases the chances of exposure. By having a fixed formula it is easier to determine which ingredient is the cause of the problem. Symply food contains only natural ingredients and each has been chosen for a very specific purpose beneficial to your pet's health.

Are Symply foods good for my pet's teeth?

You will find no added sugar in any of our products. Sugar is only added to enhance flavours but can be damaging to your pet's teeth and has no distinct health benefits. Our kibble is designed to help clean your pet's teeth, although we do also recommend regular brushing.

My dog is overweight, should I worry?

Over a quarter of the dogs in the UK suffer from overweight or obesity which can lead to many healthy problems and puts extra strain and pressure on joints. The main causes are over-feeding and lack of exercise. We recommend avoiding table scraps whilst feeding measured portions at meal times.

Feeding products with a lower fat and calorie content can help reduce weight without drastically reducing the feeding portions. Symply Light / Senior for dogs has been formulated with lower fat and calories without compromising on the meat content.