On your typical analysis, what is Ash?

This is the term you find on pet food labelling that describes the quantity of minerals found in the product.

What is linoleic acid?

Linoleic acid is an unsaturated Omega-6 fatty acid. It is classed as an “essential fatty acid” as it is an essential dietary requirement for your pet. A deficiency in linoleic acid can cause problems such a dry hair, hair loss, failure of wound healing and skin problems. The Symply range has been formulated with optimum levels of linoleic acid, simply compare our levels to other leading brands and you will see why Symply helps produce healthy skin and a glossy coat.

What are meat and animal derivatives?

Meat and animal derivatives are commonly used in many pet foods and consist of the by-products of any animal. These are commonly used as they are cheaper than single source meats.

At Symply, we believe that the meat used in pet foods should be named. That’s why you won’t find “meat and animal derivatives” on our labelling.