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I just wanted to congratulate you on an amazing product!

Having tried several dry foods over the last six months trying to find something that suited my labrador puppy, Harvey, I came across Symply Puppy Food and we haven't looked back since. Poos have stopped being an issue and we are constantly being asked what we give him for his coat as it is so glossy.

It's great to see a product that actually does what it claims and is made in the UK.

Gill Taylor


Hi Symply

Barnie has been on Simply Light/Senior for nearly 4 months. His weight then was 41kg; he now weighs 38kg.

He is full of energy and his coat is brilliant and the problem we had with his ears caused by yeast content in his previous diet has almost gone.

I enclose a photo of Barnie, taken on his second birthday. Many thanks to Symply Dog Food



Hi Symply

We have a 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier called Max who has been on the Symply Turkey Rice all his life.

We took him to the vets recently and the Vet can't believe he is 12. In fact most people don’t believe that, he jumps around like a puppy still. His coat is luxurious and he is in very good health.

I believe that is down to the excellent food. Thank you for an excellent product.

A satisfied customer.

Ian Lockyer

Teddie and Bunnie

Hello Symply

Wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your dog food. We have a Labradoodle and a Cockerpoo aged 7 and 4, a couple of scruffy muts really! I have always fed them on a food as recommended by the breeder. They would both suffer from upset tummies now and again. We have been searching for an alternative for quite a while now and nothing else seemed to solve this problem.

Was in my local Pets Corner at Worlds End Garden Centre in Wendover and decided to try Symply. It’s brilliant! They love it and have had no tummy problems since. It’s definitely worth the money!

Thanks a lot from the Dolder Family, Bunnie and Teddie


I would like to say how delighted I am with Symply Large Breed Puppy Food. After picking my GSD puppy up and feeding her on the feed used by the breeder, I was at my whit’s end as she had an upset tummy and was pooping at least 7 times per feed (4 meals a day). I was at the vets for her inoculations, explained the situation and she recommended Symply.

Wow what a difference, I thought I had nothing to lose, so changed her onto it immediately. I fed her and the diarrhoea had gone. She was also clean for the first time overnight.

I had never heard of your brand, but will certainly be keeping her on it.

Catherine Smart


Good Afternoon Symply

I just wanted to let you know about my (or to be more accurate my dog's) success on Symply. I bought a bag from our local garden centre last weekend.

We adopted Archie from Battersea last October. We don't anything about his background, but his condition suggested that he'd had a very hard life

We fed Archie on a well-known brand but he's always had what you may delicately describe as a "Runny Tummy". This was solved by a special vet food, but at £78.00 'per bag, not a realistic long term solution.

I saw your brand and thought I'd give it a go - and - 24hrs later - problem solved! Archie loves the turkey flavour we've tried so far.
So, thank you very much, from me and Archie. Now ..... if you could only stop his "mud-flopping" habit!

Carol and Archie (aka Asbo)


Nell my 8 month corgi is now the picture of health. Less than 2 months ago I thought I would lose her. The vet and I were at our wits end. I worked my way through different types of dog food all gave her awful diarrhoea. She was skin and bone.

The vet gave her two courses of antibiotic. I was feeding her boiled rice with chicken then someone mentioned Symply. I did not have much hope but thought I would give it a go. At once she no longer had diarrhoea and as you can see, is putting on condition.

Thank you so much from Jo Kelly and Little Nell


My owner says I'm a sensitive soul because I was always getting skin irritations which, because they annoyed me, I licked and made them worse. My owner wasn't pleased as this meant he had to keep taking me to the vet which cost him loads of money.

One day, he spoke to a man who recommended a dog food called Symply Lamb and Rice. He started feeding it to me and I really liked it. Well, I have just finished the first large bag and I feel so much better. My skin problems have cleared up and no more visits to the vet.

My owner says that although the new food is more expensive than the old stuff it is worth it because he has no more vet's bills, my coat is much softer, my breath doesn't smell and what I leave in the garden is better for him to clear up and is much easier to handle!

Thank you Symply!!


After a worrying trip to the vets I was told my cocker puppy had colitis. I was recommended Symply and I have never looked back! He now enjoys his meal times and seems to be a more contented pup all round.

Thank you for providing a food with clear packaging as to the content that is good and nutritious for my four legged friend.

Alison Oliver